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No Dentist Or Orthodontist Would EVER Tell You This…

All your life you have been forced to believe that it’s the bad bacteria that cause tooth decay, gum issues, and bad breath in your mouth…

And that you need expensive, time-consuming, and gut-wrenchingly painful treatments like…



Root Canals..

Gum Surgery…

Teeth Whitening…

Dental Implants…

…And what NOT!

When in fact, scientists have recently discovered that the REAL reason behind your decaying oral health is not the presence of bad bacteria…

But the EXACT opposite – it’s actually the ABSENCE of good bacteria.

And Every Day That You Spend Without Doing Something About The Issue…

You are spiraling yourself into life-demeaning and confidence-hurting oral health issues.

I’m talking about issues like tooth decay that erodes your tooth enamel, leading to embarrassing cavities

Gum diseases that cause red, painfully swollen, and bleeding gums that can lead to tooth loss…

And both of the above issues lead to issues that affect your day-to-day life…

One of the big ones is bad breath – where you have to take a few steps back whenever talking to someone…

Or worse, cover your mouth or look sideways, hurting your confidence and embarrassing yourself.

Another issue is tooth loss at an early age… forcing you to get expensive implantations and frequent dental visits.

But The Moment You Fill Your Mouth With Good Bacteria… EVERYTHING Changes!

You can restore your oral health issues safely, effectively, and for life…

Getting rid of expensive and painful visits to the dentist’s clinics…

Forgetting about bad breath once and for all, and getting your lost confidence back…

Having a bright, Hollywood smile that you truly own..

And feeling like a completely new, more confident, and healthy person.

That’s precisely where ProDentimcomes in.

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ProDentim™ Oral Health Supplement

The world’s only product that comes with a unique blend of 3.5 billion probiotic strains and nutrients that are clinically proven to support the health of your teeth and gums.

It comes in chewable gummy form and is super easy to consume. Simply chew this gum and let the probiotics fill your mouth to restore your gum and teeth health.

Made with all-natural, Non-GMO, non-stimulants, and gluten-free ingredients, ProDentim™ supports more than just your gum and teeth health.

It Offers Life-Changing Benefits That No Other Product Offers…


Restores the health of your gums so you save yourself from expensive, painful treatments


Helps with inflammation and supports a healthy mouth environment


Helps your sinuses stay free and open for sound, peaceful sleep every single night


Supports the balance of your mouth bacteria to get rid of oral health issues naturally


Maintains a healthy immune system so you can stay safe against different diseases


... And more!

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You probably already know how you’ll be saving thousands of dollars in expensive visits to dental clinics…

Not to mention the agonizingly painful and long treatments that may or may not bring any results.

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Ingredients of ProDentim

Manufacturers use different ingredients to create these high-quality supplements to achieve white teeth and good oral health. Below are the ProDentim ingredients and the possible health benefits:

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Lactobacillus paracasei

One study showed that L. paracasei was effective in reducing gum inflammation and plaque formation in people with gingivitis. Additionally, another study found that L. paracasei was able to reduce the growth of Streptococcus mutans, a type of bacteria that is known to cause cavities. This bacterium can help to fight bad breath by breaking down food particles that contribute to the formation of plaque. It also helps to stimulate the production of saliva, which can protect the mouth from bacteria and other harmful microbes. L. paracasei has also been shown to promote wound healing, which can be beneficial for people who suffer from mouth sores or other oral injuries.

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Lactobacillus reuteri

It's an essential ingredient that helps support a healthy mouth and prevent inflammation. In recent years, researchers have begun to explore the role of L. reuteri in oral health. A number of studies have shown that L. reuteri can help to reduce plaque formation and gum inflammation. In addition, L. reuteri has also been shown to promote tooth remineralization and reduce the risk of cavities.

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Bifidobacterium Lactis BL-04

You may experience a reduction in gum inflammation and gingival bleeding. The researchers also found that the probiotic was effective in reducing the levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Another study found that BL-04 supplementation reduced the severity of halitosis, or bad breath.

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Inulin is a type of soluble fiber that is found in a variety of plants, including chicory, onions, and garlic. This natural substance has a number of health benefits, including the promotion of oral and dental health. Inulin can help to reduce plaque formation and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Additionally, this soluble fiber helps to increase saliva production, which helps to keep the mouth moist and decreases the risk of tooth decay. Inulin also promotes the absorption of calcium, which is essential for strong teeth and bones.

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Malic acid

Malic acid is a naturally-occurring compound that is found in many fruits and vegetables. Some experts believe that malic acid may help to remove plaque from teeth, whiten teeth, and reduce the risk of gum disease. In addition, malic acid may help to neutralize mouth acids, which can contribute to tooth decay.

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Tricalcalcium phosphate

It helps to remineralize teeth, reduce tooth sensitivity, and prevent cavities. Tricalcium phosphate also helps to reduce gum inflammation and promote healing after dental surgery. In addition, tricalcium phosphate can help to whiten teeth by removing stains and deposits.


Peppermint and spearmint

These are herbs, with anti-inflammatory effects. It also gives freshness odor for your mouth.

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